I thought I’d do something a little different today and reblog this. I don’t usually feature this genre on my blog, but I think they have an interesting sound. What do you guys think? What are some of your favorite alt acts?

Alt Music Etc

TRIBES! I know what you’re thinking, a bunch of dudes with face paints and spears… But no, not these guys!


Tribes are one of the best British rock bands on the scene at the minute, and deservedly so. Everything about this band is awesome, their songs, their look, their attitude!

I stumbled across “We were Children” one day a few months ago and was hooked within the first few lines, leading me to discover other great singles “Sappho” and “Corner of an English Field” in the following days. Within a week I had downloaded the debut album “Baby”, and already I can’t wait for the follow-up “Wish To Scream”, set to be released later this month (20th May).

These guys really capture the essence of classic rock n’ roll, they just don’t give a s**t! Watch this video to see them play gigs in random people’s living rooms around England…

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