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Alexz Johnson has suffered her fair share of setbacks on her path to a recording career. Having taken control of her future via crowd-funding campaigns and social media, she started releasing old tracks in a series of discs called The Basement Recordings. Number one consisted mostly of her intended debut album with a major label as well as a couple of alternate versions of songs she did for Instant Star and her Voodoo album.

The second collection consisted of a bunch of tracks that hadn’t been released to my knowledge in any form, unlike all the leaked tracks from number 1. The only exception I can think of was “Shianne” (a leak), “Hunger Pains” (one she shared on her youtube), and a new song she’d done for the movie Stranger With my Face.

Now, she is back with the third installment, and I thought I’d share some thoughts on a few favorites. The Basement Recordings 3 features 10 tracks, none of which I can remember seeing out there before release. The songs all capture Alexz’s unique and strong vocals, punctuated with some beautiful falsetto and quirky lyrics.

The style of the songs is uniquely Alexz, sounding almost nothing like what most artists release today. I love the variety of the album, going some from a hard sound to soft instrumentation. If you are a fan of great vocalists and lyrics, you can’t go wrong with this collection. Here are my favorite must-hear tracks from the album:

“Veins” starts as a moody ballad that takes on a harder rocking sound reminiscent of Alexz’s Instant Star days, while still keeping a little bit of the unique sound she’s developed on her own.

“I Fell” starts slow, with what sounds like an organ in the beginning before slowly adding in other instrumentation. It’s a love song about a girl who tried not to fall, but couldn’t stop herself.

“The Pledge” is one of the quirkier-sounding songs on the collection. The instrumentation and pace actually remind me a bit of “Hunger Pains”. It’s another song that deals with trying to avoid falling too hard in love and wanting to avoid the complications involved.

She’s currently working on a new project that was crowd-funded via pledge music. Here’s a little taste of what she’s working on: