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Any MMC fans out there from the late 80s/90s? If you are, you’ll remember The Party. Made up of five of the cast members (Chase, Damon, Albert, Deedee and Tiffany), they recorded three albums together, besides an ‘in between’ album, before disbanding around 1993.

With the success of Tony Lucca on The Voice, and Jennifer McGiil’s popular “Cup of Show”, there’s been a lot of MMC nostalgia going on online. Enter The Party. Although they’re missing Tiffany, they’re back and ready to give their group another go. I’m not sure what I think about the lead single just yet, but I do agree with the commenter who said it’s a fitting choice for their return, given their debut song, Summer Vacation. This video even reminds me a bit of that one…

Where you a fan of The Party? What former MMC member would you like to see be the most successful? Comment, and let’s chat all about it!