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So, we now know that the twelfth doctor is Peter Capaldi. The casting was announced on a BBC special that was simulcast in different areas. Doctor #5 was on hand to discuss the show a bit, and departing Matt Smith was also there via a video that was taped.

I’m a bit surprised to see how much ire is being directed at the decision by some of the fans online. While he’s older than the recent doctors, the man’s hardly decrepit. Who knows how he will do? I think when it comes to casting, it’s best to keep an open mind and give an actor the opportunity to show what they can do with the part before going on about what a mistake casting them was.

While I am a relatively new Whovian, this seems like it’s hardly a new occurrence. From what I’ve read, people have been complaining about new Doctors ever since the revival started in 2005, and, for the most part, people seem to fall in love with them.

This isn’t really anything unique to Who, either. Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans reacted in a similar way when the character of Riley Finn was announced. Tess was villainized immediately as well once she started on Roswell. While I came to be annoyed with Riley later, I figured it’s only fair to watch him on screen before I made a decision about the character. Likewise with Tess, although I did end up enjoying her and felt her character was unfairly treated by the writers later on.

What do you guys think about the new Doctor Who? What other characters can you think of that got the Riley and Tess treatment? Did you end up liking or disliking them later? Let’s chat about it!