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This post was written a little bit ago, but I thought this would be a good time to share, seeing as how I’ve been watching some episodes that highlighted a lot of these points. Enjoy!

You may remember when I did a “love/hate” post for season 6 of Buffy. Well, I decided that I would take the same thing and apply it to some other favorites. Let’s start with one of the best TV families ever—the Conners. Let’s get the ugly out of the way first, shall we?


5) The last season. Let’s just pretend that Roseanne’s ode to her failed adaptation of Absolutely Fabulous never existed, shall we? I mean, really… Jackie hooked up with a prince? Roseanne taking out bad guys on a train? I think not.

4) The de-evolution of Jackie Harris. She went from a normal, yet occasionally flaky, woman with a strong personality to being a babbling spaz by the end of the series.

3) Becky #2. Now, I am not hating on the actress at all. I actually like her. The problem with new Becky is the way they portrayed her. She went from a smart girl with big plans to living at home and working in Bunz while she Darlene throws a barrage of dumb jokes at her. The original version wouldn’t have done about 90% of what the new one did, and she would’ve gotten a lot more respect as well.

2) The vilifying of Daddy Harris. He went from being a goofy, yet well-meaning, dad with a strong bond with Roseanne in the first season or so to an abusive adulterer who terrorized his daughters with the hanging belt of doom.

1) Mean Overdose. A big part of the Conner dynamic was the way they would poke fun at each other, and that continued throughout the series. The difference is, in the early seasons, you could feel the affection behind it radiating off of the screen. That changed into a bunch of mean-spirited screaming by the end of the series that made it hard to believe they even liked each other.

It wasn’t all bad, though. There were some great things about the show.

5) Realistic TV kids. Yes, such a creature existed in the 80s/90s, and the Conners were it. They didn’t laugh and joke with the parents moments after a grounding. They stomped up the stairs, demanded new clothes and, in Darlene’s case, went through what is known as her “fade to black” phase.

4) Crystal. I almost put her in the “bad” category due to her disappearance, even though she was Dan’s step-mother and gave birth to Dan’s half-siblings.  I decided to put her in the good column instead, because she was such a great character. She was a loyal friend to Roseanne and led to several classic moments on the show. We should all have friends as good as her.

3) Dan Conner. I may be a bit biased here, since he reminds me so much of CP. He’s the perfect guy: hard-working, loyal, honest, and does anything for his family. If Roseanne was the backbone of the family, Dan gave it its heart. Also, Goodman has incredible chemistry with all of his Roseanne co-stars.

2) The writing. Even though there were constant battles on-set, the writing rarely suffered in the early years. The jokes were usually spot-on, and the show dared to tackle true middle-class life with a spirit that few other shows who dealt with struggling families could muster.

1) The Cast. There are so few series out there that have what could be called a perfect cast, and this is one of them. Whether delivering light-hearted jabs at each other, or in the heat of an argument, the acting—with the exception of the last season or so—was always great. You truly believed this was a family.

So, there you have it: my Top 5 reasons to love and hate Roseanne. What are yours? Comment and let’s chat about it.