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I discovered Lucy back in the late 80s, thanks to reruns on one of the local stations. From that moment, I would sit glued to the screen during the summer months every time it was on. Since then, I’ve caught every marathon I can and love watching the DVDs. For me, this show just never gets old. Here are five reasons why I think Lucy is the most.


5) The cast. Lucy and Desi had many well-publicized marital issues, and Vivian and William outright hated each other. With the exception of the last few episodes, you’d never know it. These people got on that stage and became a true family who, despite all their arguments, were best friends for life.

4) Lucy in charge. I’ve seen many complaints out there about the sexism in the show, but it’s never bothered me one bit. One, I try and look at it in the context of the times it was filmed in. I just can’t blame the writers and actors for drawing from how real life could be at times back in those days. To me, that’d be as ridiculous as trying to ban Huck Finn because of racist language. We should be embracing these things instead for the realistic portrayals of life in certain times. Besides, no matter what Ricky said, Lucy was really the one in charge. She pretty much always got exactly what she wanted because she set her sights on a goal and stopped at nothing to get it.

3) It was groundbreaking. Not only did this show’s filming practices set a standard still used today, but it was also one of the first shows to portray a mixed marriage. Lucy and Desi had to fight to make that happen, and they succeeded.

2) It’s timeless. Despite how old-fashioned the show can be in some ways, it’s still one of the few shows to have continuously been on the air since it ended, and people are still huge fans. There are even popular facebook pages where people take on the personas of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. How is that for a classic?

1) Desi Arnaz. Not only was the man hot, but he had an incredible singing voice. I love every single one of his performance scenes, and he was a gifted straight man as well. I really don’t know if this show would’ve worked quite as well if Lucy didn’t have him to play off of.