I couldn’t agree with this post more–I really don’t think the separation helps. What do you guys think? Who are some of your favorite female characters?

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I admit it. One of my recent female characters is strongly influenced by Mary McCormack’s character in In Plain Sight. Her character’s sharp wit and equally sharp tongue amuses me.

I could have written that character as the guy. Instead, the guy is the steady one. And though both of their world’s fall down around them, he takes a slightly harder hit, and she comes off, at least in some ways, as the stronger one.

So when I say reference to a blog post called I Hate Strong Female Characters, I looked twice, particularly since the link was posted by author Christa Faust, whose Facebook persona could accurately be called bad-ass.

It’s not the characters themselves that cause Ms. Faust and the piece’s author, a woman named Sophia McDougall, to girt their teeth. Ms, McDougall gives high praise to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Crouching Tiger, Hidden…

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