Beautiful post, CP, and what a fitting song. I love you.

The BiaLog

Hey guys! First I wanted to apologize for not having a review up yesterday. This past week has bee a trying one for me. As some of you know, my dad passed away from natural causes on Thursday just before 3 PM EST. He spent the last few years living in the hospital due to his diabetes and other ailments, but this post isn’t about him or me. Well, it is in part.

As strange as it sounds, I didn’t really appreciate what he did for me or taught me until the last few years. Hindsight is always 20/20 and few, if any, of us leave this world without regrets. Many of mine are based on the kind of son I was for years before straightening myself out. It wasn’t a case where my parents didn’t try or they were the types you hear on the news. Quite the contrary.

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