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It’s been quite the couple of months in my house, and I am glad to say that things are finally beginning to settle somewhat so I can focus on the blog again as well as some writing projects (more about that on my website blog later).

I am very happy to say, first off, that Michelle Cornwell-Jordan and I are getting ready to do battle once again in a round of Virtual Voice. I will be looking to defend my title from last time and I can’t wait to see what talent ultimately ends up on our teams.

Speaking of The Voice… can you believe that Tommy Pickles is going to compete with Team Blake? So surreal and kind of cool–still, I worry a bit about opening up this competition to people who are clearly at a whole other level, experience-wise. That being said, the talent is pretty good so far and the judges are doing great together. Methinks Christina may be trying to out-pout Shakira now, though. 🙂

In other TV news, Sleepy Hollow is made of awesome and I was instantly hooked by the premiere. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here. I will probably blog here and there about it, as well as regular updates on The Voice.

Something else to look for? My Doctor Who addiction is still going strong and I will be watching and writing a series-by-series review for each one. I’m hoping to get them done by the time the 50th rolls around, but we’ll see.

Music-wise, I got submissions from a couple of interesting looking artists. I’ll be listening to those this weekend and will post reviews as soon as possible, as well as obsessing about the awesome music flashbacks I’m having thanks to Pandora Radio.

And then there were books. I just got done reading two review submissions I really enjoyed so I can’t wait to share the reviews with you, thanks to Tribute Books. Now that that is done, I’ll be digging into the Pagan Writers Press catalog to offer some thoughts as well as all the cool free books people have been sharing. Yes, my kindle is going to rebel against me one of these days if I don’t deal with this one-click addiction. 🙂

That’s about it for now. See y’all again soon with more!