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Hello again! I’m participating in a blog tour for the second book in the Assured Destruction series today, an enjoyable read that I am axiously waiting for more of. 🙂 Check out all the info about book two, connect with the author and read my thoughts in today’s post. 🙂 There’s also a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter! You can see my review of book one here.



Jan Rose no longer steals data from the old computers she recycles. She doesn’t need to. As the newest member of the police department’s High Tech Crime Unit, the laptop of a murderer has landed on her desk. Her job: to profile and expose a killer.

But that’s not all.

A creep lurks in the shadows, stalking a friend, and Jan must stop him before the hunt turns deadly. The clock counts down for Jan to save her friend, her job, her boyfriend—maybe even her life.


“A fun, fast-paced thriller guaranteed to distract teens from Facebook …”
—Kirkus Reviews, on Assured Destruction, book #1

Formats: paperback & ebook

Release: August 2013
Pages: 156
ISBN: 9780981269979
Publisher: Non Sequitur Press

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My Review

NOTE: I received a free copy in order to catch up on the series before reviewing book #2 for a blog tour, with no expectation of a favorable review.

I probably should preface this with a disclaimer–I am in no way a tech geek, so I am not even going to pretend to know whether or not some of the tech aspects that come into play in this series are realistic or not. I would be whatever is far below the “script kiddie” level. 🙂

This book, the second in the Assured Destruction series, finds Janus dealing with the fallout from book one and still playing with the characters she created in Shadownet. As with most any series, the stakes are raised as Janus begins doing community service with the local police and comes across a number of mysteries to solve. Her home life is just as complicated, if not more so, than in the original as well.

I thought the author did great job of furthering the story and the character. He kept her true to who she was before while still showing some growth and that she’s learned from her past mistakes. I loved her attitude and the smarts she showed while trying to solve the various mysteries put before her as well as her interactions with the others. To me, that’s one of the most vital parts of a book: believable characters and their interactions with others. If you’re into YA mysteries served with a side of geek, you are definitely going to love this one.

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