So, I didn’t realize until I logged in today to set up a post that this is my second anniversary with WordPress. 🙂 It’s fitting that my post will be about my second Virtual Voice team, huh? Before I get to that, I just want to fill you in on a couple of things. One, I am re-doing my author site and will be debuting it as soon as possible. Along with this, I am adding some services there as well as starting up a street team. You can get more info here: Post by JamieBMusings. I hope you’ll join in the fun! Now, on to business… 

As I mentioned in a prior post, Michelle and I are battling once to see who will be the winner of The Voice (winner being defined by whose team goes further in the competition). Since there were five Blind Audition episodes, we each took eps and split the fifth one down the middle. I had episodes 1 and 3, while Michelle got 2 and 4. I also chose my contestants from the first hour of ep 5, while Michelle picked from the second hour.

The talent pool was great this year and it didn’t take me long to narrow it down to my 12 choices for Team Jamie. Here they are…

1) Donna Allen. Her version of “You Are So Beautiful” sold me instantly. I adore her and look forward to seeing how she does. Doesn’t hurt that she’s a hometown girl, either. REPRESENT Hollywood. 🙂

2) Matthew Schuler He is another one who sold me fast with his rendition of “Cough Syrup”.

3) Lina Gaudenzi Her high notes near the end of “Landslide” are what pushed me over the edge and I think she was a great pick.

4) Juhi She sang “Mercy” for her blind and wow!

5) Brianna Cuoco I’m not sure what I think of people with big connections getting on the show, but her performance of “You And I” made it hard to say no.

6) Monika Leigh She sang “The Trill Is Gone” and got me from the beginning… I love old soul songs. 🙂

7) Timyr-Joi “Girl On Fire” couldn’t have been a better choice for this contestant. She is amazing, and I am totally jealous of the pipes she has at that age.

8) Brandon Chase sang “Wanted” and I couldn’t pass him up. 🙂

9) Grey sang a version of “Catch My Breath” that made it completely impossible to pass her over. She  should definitely go far.

10) Cilla Chan didn’t get much of a chance to prove herself (her audition was part of a montage) but something compelled me to pick her anyway.

11) Jacob Poole Another contestant who only got a quick part in a montage, but once again I was compelled to choose him anyway.

12) Ray Boudreaux I love the gritty and soulful vocals he displayed in “Use Me”. Let’s see if he can go the distance…