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Christopher Eccleston is the first Doctor I sat down to watch and remains my favorite. The series starts off showing a young woman named Rose going about her day until she finds herself under attack by plastic creatures and getting rescued by a strange man calling himself “The Doctor”.

I already ranted a bit about why I think Eccleston is such an awesome Doctor, so I won’t go into it again here. Let’s talk his companion a bit and get into my top 5 list of the series, shall we?

I think Rose was the perfect companion for this version of The Doctor, who CP has said suffers from PTSD. I totally agree with that assessment and argue that is exactly why he needed a companion like Rose. She was not only a loyal friend, but she brought a bit of happiness into his life. This simple shop girl also served as his conscience and gave him a human perspective that he was lacking at the time.

Rose, through her family and her unwavering morals, helped soften him some after the pain of the Time War, and his choice during it, gave him a harder edge. She helped bring out the adventurer in him.

Top Five Episodes:

5) The Empty Child. “Are You My Mummy?” are probably the most disturbing words I have heard in Doctor Who yet. This episode set in WW2-era London was so creepy, as The Doctor and Rose come up against people who are little more than empty shells, their faces covered in gas masks as they search for their “mummy.”

4) Dalek. I think there is one moment in this episode that completely defines this episode and Eccleston’s version of The Doctor, making it a can’t-miss adventure. Nine and Rose have come across a place where alien ships and such are being stored. Nine goes into one of the rooms and comes face-to-face with something he never thought he would see again: a Dalek. The pain, anger, and terror he exhibits upon seeing this creature is heart-breaking. You, and he, realize that his people essentially died for nothing. He is forced to carry on alone while the enemy lives, and ultimately thrives. Rose’s scene at the end where she convinces him to spare the Dalek also re-affirms her place as his conscience.

3) Boom Town. I can’t stress enough how much I love this episode. The Doctor comes across Margaret, an alien from a previous episode. She is building something that will help destroy the planet in order to escape a death sentence awaiting her at home. I think the best part of this episode is the scene where Nine takes her to eat and foils assassination attempt after assassination attempt. It shows the competence and cool nature of this incarnation of The Doctor, as well as his hard edge and humor. He feels for her to an extent, but he does what is needed and points out her hypocrisy several times during their meal.  

2) Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways.  This episode is a combination of awesome fun and heartbreak. Nine and Rose (along with Captain Jack) are pulled into futuristic game shows that make today’s look like wholesome family fun, as losers are killed. His initial reaction to being in the Big Brother house is hilarious, while the fact this is his final adventure pulls at the emotions. He gives his own life to save Rose, regenerating into Ten.

1) The Unquiet Dead.  This episode was my very first full ep, and an amazing story. I loved how they portrayed Dickens and the interactions between him and Nine. This story teaches you a huge lesson: the way to a writer’s heart is through praise. LOL! It’s also a creepy tale involving ghostly creatures that shows someone stepping up to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world. I also like how this is Rose’s first real lesson in the weirdness that is time travel. She’s baffled by the fact she can potentially die before she was ever born, something that Doctor has to break to her near the end of the episode.

So there you have it: my favorites of Series One and thoughts on the first modern companion. What do you think? Do you have different favorites, or a companion you like better? Comment and let’s chat about it.