I have been totally MIA, as I was at the Florida Writers Conference and ended up much more busy than I thought I would there. LOL! Still, it was an amazing time and I loved the hotel we stayed at. I’ll post something on my author blog about it Next Monday, as I already promised that I’d do a post about dreams. If you’re interested, check it out.

So… The Voice.

I’ll update as of today and tomorrow’s battles will be included in next week’s post (Wednesday the 30th). So, after one and a half weeks of battling it out, here are where our teams stand: 

Team Michelle

Tesssane chin (safe)
Ashley Dubois (safe)
Holly Henry
E.G. Daily (safe)
Michael Lynch (eliminated in Battles)
Tamara Chanice
Johnny Gray
Keira LaShue
Jacquie Lee (safe)
Shelbie Z (safe)
Destinee Quinn (safe)
Josh Logan (safe)

Team Jamie

Donna Allen (eliminated in Battles)
Matthew Schuler (safe)
Lina Gaudenzi (safe–stolen)
Juhi (safe–stolen)
Brianna Cuoco (safe–stolen)
Monika Leigh (safe)
Timyra-Joi (eliminated in battles)
Brandon Chase
Grey (safe)
Cilla Chan
Jacob Poole (eliminated in battles)
Ray Boudreaux (safe)


Team Michelle has eleven left standing, while Team Jamie is now down to nine. What did you think of last night’s battles? Are you happy with coaches’ picks, are are you wondering what they were thinking when they let someone go? Comment and let’s talk about it!! See ya next time! I leave you with two favorite performances…