So, another week has come and gone–along with our team members! Here’s how our teams are shaping up:

Team Michelle

Tesssane chin
Ashley Dubois
Holly Henry
E.G. Daily
Michael Lynch
Tamara Chanice
Johnny Gray
Keira LaShue
Jacquie Lee
Shelbie Z
Destinee Quinn
Josh Logan


Team Jamie

Donna Allen
Matthew Schuler
Lina Gaudenzi
Brianna Cuoco
Monika Leigh
Brandon Chase
Cilla Chan
Jacob Poole
Ray Boudreaux

Total: 8

Next, it’s the knockouts! Are you ready?

Can I just say one thing? What is up with all the montage action? My girl Cilla got that treatment twice and Blake’s team in general got that more than the others. Come on, The Voice, you’re telling me you can’t cut back a little bit on some of the useless backstory stuff or maybe cut some of the long, drawn out, oh-I-hate-this-part filler to let these people have a moment to shine? Who’s with me? Anyone have a favorite given the same treatment? Comment and let’s chat about it.