I can’t even put into words how much I agree with this! Every rule has its exceptions, and sometimes the pros pass up something that’s really, really good.

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So you’re back from the conference a week, and while all the blog posts and the Facebook stuff are full of Happy, Happy Sunshine, you aren’t feeling the love and motivation.

For you, one of the faculty uttered an offhand comment or a direct response to a question that crapped all over your work. Oh, not your work specifically, but a key component in what you’re doing.

Oh, that doesn’t work.

You can’t really do it that way.

No one really does that any more.

It was my first writers conference experience. I don’t remember who the speaker was, but he (I think it was a guy) was talking about synopses. So I asked what seemed like an intelligent, appropriate question: How do you write a synopsis when your story includes flashbacks?

The answer: No one writes flashbacks any more. You shouldn’t do that. Next question, please!

Holy crap

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