Morning! 🙂 I’m happy to host one of my good friends on Facebook, R.M. Ridley! He’ll be talking about his contribution to a new anthology, so I hope you enjoy!

S and S AnthologyWe have all read characters that we fall in love with, that make us wish for more stories involving them. Now imagine if it was your character.

I admit it; I am addicted to writing a character. I am addicted to Jonathan Alvey. I wrote a short story a couple years ago that introduced me to this protagonist and when it was done, I thought – ‘He’s fun’.

Little did I know.

Little did I know how entrenched into his world I would become. Never could I have guessed how much time I would spend in his shoes, in his head. No one could have warned me that his life would take over mine.

Do I mind? No – I am addicted to him after all. I hope the world gets hooked too. I don’t wish this for fame and fortune; I want it because I want to share him. I adore this character so much that I want others to as well.

Is he original? Maybe not. How original does a paranormal private investigator sound in this day and age? Trust me, I know the answer. But he does have one thing that sets him apart – he is an addict himself.

In his world, magic is a drug. The things that go bump in the night are real, and he sees it as his job to keep them from the unsuspecting population of New Hades, New York. To do his job he needs magic, but to use magic means losing himself, literally, bit by bit.

Jonathan Alvey, paranormal P.I. is being introduced to our world for the first time in the short story ‘The Cost of Custody’. It is one of nine tales expertly woven in the upcoming, ‘Shades and Shadows: A Paranormal Anthology’ from Xchyler Publishing. I hope you will check it out. I hope you will become addicted, as I am.

Author Bio

RM RidleyR. M. Ridley lives with his wife on a small homestead in Canada, raising chickens and sheep. He has been writing stories, both long and short, for three decades, the themes of which range from the gruesome to the fantastical. As an individual who suffers from severe Bi-polar disorder, R. M. Ridley is a strong believer in being open about mental health issues and uses his writing to escape, when his thoughts become too wild.

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R. M. Ridley’s ‘The Cost of Custody’, a paranormal P.I. story about a kidnapped child, magic, and a father’s love, is one of nine short stories in ‘Shades and Shadows: A Paranormal Anthology’ – available now.