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What pre-teen or teenage girl in the late 80s/early 90s didn’t love Saved By the Bell? There was so much to love: That monster cell phone, a stalker principal, magic caffine pills that make you “so excited” yet “so scared”. Of course, there was one part that really made the show.

Zack Morris.

Yes, that future career con-artist was quite awesome to watch, although you might think twice about his coolness if you really knew him and fell victim to one of his many schemes.

Zach was one of those characters you loved to hate. He was so cool, he had his own personal camera crew that followed him through life just so he could comment on everything! His principal thought he was so awesome, he moved in order to guide Zach through High School as well. Plus? Dude could stop time. Now, that is a skill I covet.

Imagine the geek-out that ensued when I discovered this bit of youtube perfection:

Yes, that is the man himself and he has laugh-out-loud perfect answers to the make-believe scenarios presented to him. I especially love when they discuss Screech. I never liked Screech. Come on… like I’m alone in that!