Warning: If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t go beyond the cut. Just sayin’.

Now that I got that out of the way, here are some non-spoilery thoughts real quick. Matt Smith is an amazing actor, and I am going to be sorry to see him leave the TARDIS this Christmas. His interactions with Hurt and Tennant were amazing (as were they) and Clara continues to entertain me.

The writing was wonderful and it was nice to see some things starting to wrap up (or wrap up) as we prepare to say goodbye to one Doctor and welcome another. I really think Moffet is an underrated writer and he has totally surpassed Joss Whedon for me. Also great was the camera work and vibe of the episode. Now, let’s take a peak at one of the promos before I get into more specific comments…

Clara and The Doctor: Their relationship is so much fun to watch and it’s bittersweet to see it grow so much with so little time left for these two to be together. She’s proven herself to be a smart and capable companion, as evidenced by her escape from the Zygons.

“Rose”: I had a feeling something was not going to be right here when I saw Rose’s appearance in the clips, along with Tennant’s clothes. He was clearly the tenth and not the mega-crisis Doctor. I’m really glad that the Rose we saw was not the real Rose. As much as I loved the character, I think that would’ve been the obvious way to go and Bad Wolf Rose was creepy while also being wise and compassionate. And while I’m on the subject…

Bad Wolf: The entire first series of the rebooted show featured tons of references to “Bad Wolf” and was referenced during Tennant’s run as well. I liked how they finally paid this off.

Nods to the Past: Captain Jack might not have been there, but his time travel device was! Clara uses it to escape the Zygons. Eccleston appears in the episode in a clip taken from series one, Queen Elizabeth 1 returns, Tom Baker makes a cameo as “The Curator”. Plus, a UNIT employee wearing a Tom Baker scarf among other things.

Favorite Quotes

Ten: “One’s a zygon.”

Eleven: “Eww… I’m not judging you.”


Eleven: It’s a timey-wimey thing.

The War Doctor: Timey-what?

Ten: I don’t know where he gets that…


The War Doctor: Are you his companions?

Ten/Eleven: Companions??


Clara: Three of you here, and not one thought to check if the door was locked?


So what did you think of the 50th? Are you happy with how things went? Comment and let’s chat about it…