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The Thrill of the ‘Puzzle’ in Pop Culture

‘The Da Vinci Code’ started it. Hands down, that book became such a phenomenon that readers didn’t know what was fact and what was fiction anymore. Millions went to libraries or raced to their computers to study the myths and facts Dan Brown offered. Some even traveled to Rome to check out the locations, and hope that the legends the author used to create his work of fiction could be proven.

Puzzles have been a part of real life for a long time. The last days of Billy the Kid; the J.F.K. conspiracy that never seems to end; the real identity of Jack the Ripper – there are a score of mysteries, disappearances and facts that have – over time – mixed with fiction. But they still intrigue and enthrall.

The reason is that puzzles are fun; they kick the mind into overdrive. Whether it’s because you’re a person who needs to know what really happened; or, you’re a person who likes the mystery and hopes the big ‘cover-ups’ are true – our investigative minds love to figure things out.

Creating the spider webs for the Tallent & Lowery adventures have been one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my life. Although I’ve written in other genres, being able to weave together three or four historical locations/myths into a plot that makes readers not want to put the book down because they really HAVE to keep reading – is both a thrill and a challenge for me.

With 13, people were taken from the haunted Winchester House in San Francisco to the streets of Jack the Ripper to a strange house that also still exists on the shores of Loch Ness; a house that was once home to a self-proclaimed Devil. From there, the spider web linked all of this to a town where both King Arthur and a pretty famous angel had been known to hang out.

In The Sapphire Storm the spider web linked a myth in Petra to an old London school that still has secrets regarding a man who everyone has heard of, yet seems to have overlooked. This was linked with a  shopkeeper in Cairo who had immense knowledge of an artifact that people never thought was truly real.

And in ‘The Hero’s Companion’, readers are in for yet another thrilling spider web as they head to Athens to a very old building (that still exists), dedicated to a warrior that holds an artifact Leah and Gareth need. This is linked with Plato, Cleopatra’s Mines, and then to a monastery you would never think about, in order to build one of the coolest puzzles I’ve ever had the pleasure to write.

Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery have become a huge part of my world. When I see a thin thread of fact, I love being able to weave it into a plot of fiction that will have you wondering what’s true and what’s not. I thank reviewers, authors and fans who call this series: “The Da Vinci Code with Heart,” because along with the monumental research and thrills, the characters of Tallent & Lowery bring the heart to every adventure.

The power of the puzzle remains in reality – as well as in the literary world – and I hope everyone will take the Tallent & Lowery ride of a lifetime!

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