Loved this post on Social Networking. I totally know all of these types.

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Writers know they need a social media plan to successfully market their work. So you sign up for Facebook, Twitter, and various niche sites, but you wonder what the big deal is, because you don’t see how doing so has made any difference at all in your book sales. What’s the point of online social networking, anyway?

Think of a social networking site as a community, a neighborhood. It’s just that simple.

Some neighborhoods are merely a place to live. But some neighborhoods provide residents with a rich and rewarding community experience. It all depends on the people who live there and how they interact with each other.

Perhaps you’ve met some of these characters in your neighborhood. And maybe you’ve met people like them online, too.

Ina Invisible. You saw her move in. She had the house repainted and planted a garden in the first week she was there…

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