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Today is the first day of the Pagan Writers Press Solstice Blog Hop! From the 6th through the 13th, participants will be sharing cool holiday-related content and getting to know each other. I hope you’ll check em out and enjoy! You can get to the other blogs by clicking on the image below:

So, you all may have heard me go on about the perfection that is “A Christmas Story“. It’s my absolute favorite holiday film, so I thought I would share my top reasons why it rocks. Here we go….

It’s the precursor to The Wonder Years

If you’ve been following me, you might know that I am a huge fan of that show and it was so obviously inspired by this movie: a kid dealing with common kid problems, his grown-up self narrating, set in the past.

Glimpses Of A Simple Time

One of the great things about watching movies and shows like this is that it takes you back in time and shows you a simpler way of life. It’s always fascinating to watch people gather around a radio for their favorite show and to look back on a time when no one thought twice about kids playing outside or being out at night.

“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”

One of the most classic quotes from this movie led to so many great moments as well. Who doesn’t get a laugh when seeing the horrified look of Ralphie’s face after his teacher writes that message on his theme? Santa telling him the same thing and  Ralphie’s panic as he realizes his mom might have been right are hilarious as well.

“A Major Award”

I love the whole story surrounding that horribly cheesy lamp. From the dad mispronouncing “Fragile”, to the mother doing everything possible to keep it from being seen, and the controversy over it breaking, every bit was perfect. I also loved how Ralphie describes thinking he heard “TAPS” playing in the background as his father disposed of the lamp.


Like Fred Savage in The Wonder Years, Peter Billingsley had some great expressions when the narrator was speaking. Billingsley owned the part and helped to bring us all back to our own childhoods, expressing the full range of kid emotions without missing a beat. I’m a bit disappointed that he hasn’t done more as an actor.

Do you enjoy this movie as much as I do? What is your favorite part? If not, what is your favorite holiday film? Comment and keep an eye out for other posts in the  days to come! I’ll even offer a couple deals and prizes! 🙂