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Good morning, everyone! It’s Day 2 of the Pagan Writers Press Solstice Blog Hop! I’d like to talk a little bit about Yule today and some of the current Christmas traditions that originated with the holiday. I hope once you check out my post, you’ll visit the other great blogs participating by clicking the image below! Did I’m doing a giveaway!!! Scroll down for the rafflecopter code… there will be seven winners total.

Let’s start by talking just a little bit about Yule. It’s one of the Wiccan Sabbats and has roots in ancient Pagan traditions from different countries. The holiday, much like Christmas today, celebrates divine birth. The Goddess (represented by the moon) gives birth to the God (represented by the sun) during this time and then spends time resting and recuperating. There are several things that were done to mark this time of year….

  • One of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas is the Christmas Tree. The practice of decorating a tree began with many of the ancient pagan celebrations, although in Wiccan and Pagan celebrations, natural items such as crystals and fruits are often used.
  • The Yule Log is another classic symbol of the holiday season. It’s so popular some channels show a burning Yule log all day while holiday music plays in the background. This practice also started with ancient traditions, done to represent the birth of the God.
  • Have you kissed under the Mistletoe (or at least hung it up)? This, too, is an ancient tradition. It was done because Mistletoe was said to aide fertility.
  • Candles and other lights have long been a tradition this time of year, and was done in ancient times to welcome the God.
  • Finally, pine was often placed on alters constructed for ceremonies and other celebrations.

This is by no means a complete picture of Yule and the traditions surrounding it, but I wanted to read a little bit and give you guys a general understanding. I encourage anyone who is curious to learn more to check out this site or this one to see a more detailed explanation.


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