Congrats to my husband on being a guest blogger today. 🙂 I love reading people’s posts about what inspired their work.

Dr. Shay West

Hello everyone! I’d like to thank you and my wonderful host for allowing me to guest post here.

me at starbucks

Let me start with introducing myself. I’m CP Bialois and I write in multiple genres from horror, thriller, epic fantasy, and now science fiction. I like a little of everything so I like to spread my wings and share my ideas with others. Besides, it’s much more fun to play without limitations, am I right?

Getting back to the topic at hand, I draw my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. It’s cliché by now to hear that coming from a writer, but it’s true. The smallest things in life can often lead to the best stories. A perfect example of that is my newest book coming out January 15, 2014 called, The Last World.

Strangely enough, the idea for this came from watching a documentary about the making of the Universal…

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