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 ‘Shine A Light’, released on 1 November 2013. It can be heard on Vortex Ascent’ s website and is for Vortex Ascent on Band Camp.

About Vortex Ascent

Vortex Ascent (formerly Soki2u) was founded in 2006 by Brendan Lynch and Derek Schuurman as a studio-based and fluid, experimental collective of independent, solo musicians based in various countries around the world. Each musician records his or her own material independently and for the most part, tracks are produced in London.

Vortex Ascent’s albums have received excellent reviews, notably by the highly regarded

Several of ‘Shine A Light’s’ tracks held the number 1 slot on a variety of unsigned charts in the UK and in Japan.

The group’s output, which spans many genres, has scooped awards such as Bands Unsigned UK’s only Platinum Award for their concept EP ‘Vortex’ (2007), and more recently, Sygnet’s excellent track ‘Did You See’ won the Sunset 2012 Critic’s Choice Award from Ditto TV.

Vortex Ascent has worked with a variety of accomplished artists  in other disciplines, such as poet Inua Ellams and digital artist Chris Von Steiner, as well as French film-maker Stephane Floc’hlay.

Radio stations which have been particularly supportive include Suckfree Radio, Women of Substance and Radio North Angus, as well as  Somojo Music Radio and Magazine.

The 2013 album ‘Shine a Light’ is produced by Andy Rugg, who for many years was on the engineering team of Coldplay, with Brendan Lynch having co-produced some of the tracks.

On 28 October the group was the featured artists on Indie Writers Review website (not to be confused with