Go Michelle!!! She got a great review of her novella Redemption! Emma, to answer the question you posed…. one of my favorite supernatural books in the indie world is “Final Life” by Rose Garcia. I also really love anything Christopher Pike. 🙂

Emma's Ramblings on Supernatural Fiction

Redemption is the last in the Night School Vampire Hunter series by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan. Since I enjoyed the first and second novella, I was delighted to get my hands on an early copy of Redemption.

Here’s a quick reminder of what went down in the first two novellas.

Night School Vampire Hunter #1

night school 115 year old Angel’s supernatural problems begin on her birthday, October 31st. Yep, Halloween as luck would have it. This is the first time she has the disconcerting vision of the little girl with wriggling worms in place of where her face should be, some kind of portent of bad events to come. After the mysterious disappearance of her parents, Angel (her real name is a lot fancier -Dasheen Bellamy) enrols in Ame Academy, a wicked looking Gothic-style castle with her younger brother, Jordan. Pretty soon, Angel learns about the existence of supernatural creatures, and the unsettling truth…

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