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Author Danny Odato

a fun plus 101Danny Odato is the President and CEO of Feeding American Families and the Book Gallery, a company that publishes novels and stories of different genres. After his extensive study in Philosophy, he found his dream mission: to help the poor and the needy, and those who had suffered from the foreclosure mission in the United States. At Feeding American Families, a non-profit charity organisation started in 2012 by Danny himself, he helps out families with their financial problems while on the sidelines he owns a book publishing company, The Book Gallery as well..



a fun plus 102In Harangul, a village in the Latur district of Maharashtra, the Nehra family wakes up to what they believe is an ordinary day. But things are about to take a dark turn in the little village when a mysterious old woman moves into the abandoned house next door.

Padma, a simple woman, is married to Mohan, a hardworking tailor. They have four children and are raising them in a loving, traditional Hindu family. They enjoy the culture of their small community and rely on their many friends, elders, and traditions to lead happy and spiritual lives. But soon after the arrival of the strange woman next door, a child is involved in a horrible, fatal incident. Another child becomes seriously ill, and a woman falls to her death from her roof. Then Padma’s own family suffers a tragic loss.

Mohan and Padma seek spiritual advice, to no avail, and the authorities offer no assistance. Finally in desperation, as things become more bizarre in the colony, a party of brave men ventures out to seek a strong baba from far away. With faith, strength, and a very strong sense of community, the people of Harangul work tirelessly to free their home from the grasp of a terrible evil presence—a daayan who threatens their very existence.

The Witch’s Revenge is a striking novel that seamlessly blends Indian tradition with suspense and horror—a book eloquently presented by a gifted new storyteller.

My Thoughts

Disclaimer: While I did receive compensation for being a host, I did not accept any additional money to review. Please see my copyright and review disclaimer page. Now that the business is taken care of, let’s get to the review!

Let me say right from the start that the premise of the book intrigued me. Almost anything paranormal is going to get my attention and at least get a chance with me. LOL. I also liked the idea of getting a glimpse into another culture through the characters and setting. Unfortunately, there were a few things that really bothered me and some things that I liked. Let me start with the issues I had.

I had a bit of a hard time getting into the story at first. For me, the first half of the book was a bit slow and I felt the narration was overall dry, almost like reading someone reporting on what happened. I also felt that they were only a couple of characters I really got to know or feel emotion from. One would be Padma, the only one who was actually somewhat accepting of the mysterious new neighbor. There was also a teacher in the book that I really enjoyed, partially due to her interactions with her students.

Finally, I felt the ending of the story was a bit abrupt and I would’ve liked to have seen the characters dealing with everything that had happened. That said, there were things I enjoyed about the story as well.

One of those was the setting and culture the story takes place in. While I didn’t feel like I got a full picture of everything or felt it, it was really interesting to see how the characters related to each other. I loved seeing their customs and the way they dealt with the tragedy that plagued their town while also seeing what drove the villain of the story.

Besides that, I thought the action and narration overall got stronger as the story progressed, with some parts leaving me anxious to find out what would happen next. I also felt like the personalities of the characters in general began to break through and I started to really feel for them and what they were trying to accomplish. If you’re into stories with a cultural focus or you like tales of good vs. evil, I’d give the amazon sample a try.