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Okay, this may not be a “flashback” in the strictest sense– it is a new show, after all. Still, It’s bringing back a world and two characters that played a big part of my teen years. Girls Meets World will be premiering on the Disney Channel soon, and I can’t wait.

The series picks up over a decade after Boy Meets World left off. Corey and Topanga are still married and parents to two kids, one of which is now in middle school. Just like Corey before her, the series will deal with her and her best friend facing the challenges of growing up. Here are a few reasons why I am so excited this series is coming back….

3) I always liked Topanga and Corey together. I think some of his better moments were with her and she was always a fun, cool character. It will be interesting to see how they’ve changed over the years and what kind of parents they will be.

2) Old favorites. From what has been reported out there, we will be seeing a bunch of familiar faces over the first season of the show. One of the characters I’m most excited about catching up with is Sean. Will he be as troubled and surrounded by dysfunction as he was during the original show, or will he have found his way? What about the old roommates? The Matthews? The possibilities are endless.

1) The original creator is involved! This makes me feel a bit better about the remake thing. With him on board and several of the original stars, they will hopefully keep it from being too “Disney”, if you get what I mean. From the little I have seen of some of their new shows, there seems to be a cartoonish quality to them. The kids also seem to yell their lines a lot, so hopefully he will keep that in check.

So, are you looking forward to this as well? What characters are you most interested in catching up with? Comment and let’s chat….

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