So, you all might know by now that I am a Doctor Who geek. I love everything about the show and I really enjoyed the premiere as well. This post sums up a lot of my thoughts/feelings regarding the new episode and Doctor well. WARNING…. there are spoilers in this, so keep that in mind if you haven’t seen the premiere yet.

With all that said…. enjoy! Also, I’d love to hear what any of my fellow Whovians thought of the episode, so comment away!

Dr. Shay West

Okay guys I just gotta be fan girling again so just bear with me. If I don’t get this out I just may spontaneously combust or something.

***Spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen the episode don’t read any further!***

I was fortunate enough to be able to see the season premier of Doctor Who at the Regal theater here in town. It was a later show (I’m usually in bed by the time the movie actually started) but losing a little sleep was worth it. I dressed up in my Rose Tyler alternate universe costume (minus the giant gun). 


I tried to avoid social media so I didn’t see any spoilers but of course I still peeked at a few statuses. A lot of people seemed to be hating on the new doctor and saying they hated the whole episode. I totally don’t get it. I thought Capaldi was…

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