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Hello again! So, I have been trying hard to get some posts written ahead of time and scheduled so I have regular stuff for you guys here. 🙂 This is the first one, another in my “Musical Face-off” series and it features one of my favorite songs from the ’80s!

Like a Prayer is, of course, the title track of Madonna’s last release of the ’80s and one of her most controversial videos. I loved that whole album so hard, I may have to do a whole other blog post, but enjoy Madonna’s version of the song for now:

Pretty awesome, huh? The lyrics, the music… this song has it all, in my opinion. Well, let’s add in about five more voices and see what we get….

This is a version of the song by Sugarland featuring Little Big Town (more of them in future posts). They performed this in Illinois and I think they rocked it. Their voices are such a powerful mix and they clearly enjoyed performing the song. I’m not quite sure who I would declare the winner of this, but I think it’s pretty awesome! What do you guys think? Do you prefer one version over the other? Comment and let’s chat about it.