Congrats, Santiago, on your book release! Best of luck on the tour! 🙂


Hello Everyone! I’m so excited that  IndieWritersReview is host for Doing  Business God’s  Way  by Author Santiago Rivera as part of his Maverick Promotions virtual tour!

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On Tour September 15th-19th

Author Santiago Rivera



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Santiago   is   an   innovative   leader   who   helps  professionals   with   the   entrepreneurial   spirit   push beyond  their  limits  through  his  mentoring,  workshops  and   soon   to   be   released   book,   Doing   Business   God’s  Way.  He   believes   that   all   people   on   Earth   have   a   divine  purpose  and  that  they  need  only  stop  and  listen  to  God’s  directions  to  fulfill  it.  Through his
personal  business  ministry,  Santiago  empowers  each  person  to  have  a  deeper,  co-­‐creative  relationship  with  God.  A   native   of   Puerto   Rico,   Santiago   has   led   a…

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