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Okay, I know this may not be the most popular track for some people. I’ve seen enough complaining on social media about it to know that. Still, I can’t help but have a soft spot for Disney movie music. Ever since I was jamming to “Under the Sea” and belting out “Colors of the Wind”, I haven’t been able to help myself. There is something so awesome about the soundtracks of these songs and I must bow to the awesome.

All that said, here is the movie version of the song, performed by Idina Menzel:

And now, we have the obligatory pop star version by Demi Lovato:

I must say that I generally have a soft spot for the pop star versions, since they were usually performed by the favorite aritsts. Plus, I have always been partial to more pop arrangements than the ones that usually appear in the movies, so I think I may have to give an edge to Demi here. What do you guys think? Are you sick of this song, or are you still belting it out? Do you have a favorite version? Let’s chat about it!