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The Cosby Show is one of my favorites from the ‘80s. While there were many typical sitcom moments in that felt a bit contrived, Cosby mixed it with moments that would later be taken to even greater extremes on shows like Married…With Children and Roseanne.

Let’s start with the bad, shall we? That way, we can end things on a good note…

5) Those cartoony fantasy episodes. The one where the men all get pregnant and the one where the Huxtables are all characters in Rudy’s story are just two examples of the kind of storytelling I really don’t think worked for the series.

4) Elvin the Pig. CP and I were talking about Sondra and Elvin one day and neither one of us is particularly fond of these characters. I think part of that stems from the fact that they are always fighting—usually over something stupid Elvin said about woman. It became a running joke that way outlasted its welcome.

3) Denise the flake. It seemed like the longer the series ran, the more flaky and annoying Denise got. I can’t help but feel that it’s somewhat related to real-life issues that were going on and I really don’t like when personal issues find their way into the character. Just take the final episode, for instance: Denise appears via an overseas phone call but is never actually seen or heard. A documentary on the series basically said that was intentional—they wanted the spirit of the character represented, but they didn’t want to deal with the actress.

2) Disappearing characters. There were several characters who were a big part of the early-to-mid run of the series that weren’t part of the Huxtable family. One of those characters was Theo’s friend Walter (aka: Cockroach). He was a constant presence in Theo’s life, usually as his partner in crime. One day, though, the character is just gone with no explanation at all. No goodbye. I will never get shows doing this, as even when people lose touch following a move they still have some contact for a short time. Rarely does a person who is a huge part of one’s life disappear without explanation

1) Olivia. She was okay very early on, but quickly became annoying with her smart mouth and contrived sassy moves. It seemed like they re-created every single major “cute” moment Rudy ever had through her, with only a fraction of the success.

Do you agree with these? Have others you would have added instead? Comment below so we can chat about it and stay tuned for part two of this, coming next week.