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Fallen Angels


It is with great pleasure we announce the release of the third book of the Guardian Series:
Fallen Angels.
Fallen Angels brings the first trilogy to a fitting climax, and sets the scene for the revelations and heartbreak to come.

Five years have passed since the murder of the Lord Marshal. His
killers remain at large, fomenting monstrous plots that, if successful,
will wreak havoc upon the citizens of Earth. It appears the authorities
are no closer to apprehending those responsible and some wonder if
their protectors are all they make themselves out to be. Despite
appearances, the Guardians have been far from idle. Each nation’s
resources and technologies continue to grow and flourish. Huge strides
have been made in welfare and development. Other worlds have been
prepared for colonization. And all the while, behind the scenes, the
noose has been closing in upon the fiends who committed such an
atrocious act. When it finally snaps shut, the results are bound to be
explosive, and the fallout, far-reaching. With the future of the Earth
at stake, how widespread will the consequences be?

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