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Okay, as a music geek this is one of my absolute favorite songs ever. I have played the hell out of the version I have, but I found these two on youtube I thought you all might enjoy. Let’s check start with LeAnn Rimes…

I like her voice, but the audio quality here is obviously wanting a bit. Still, it’s nice to get a taste of live vocals. 🙂 Her slight tweaks to the arrangement are interesting, but I think it also makes it feel a bit rushed in some parts.

Now, let’s check out Adley Stump’s version:

I like how the recording quality is far superior to the other version, although it’s  got that same rushed feeling to it. I will say that this one makes me want to hear more from her.

What do you all think? Which of these two versions do you like best? Comment below and let’s chat about it!