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I thought that today I would look back at a video from one of my favorite girls groups: TLC. The song is called “Damaged” and came off their 3D album.

There was something great about this trio and I love the messages they’d put in their music. While they did this one without Lisa, I think it’s a great song and I hope they’ll be going with a sound similar to this with the new project they’re working on.

I think that T-Boz has a very interesting tone to her voice when she’s in the studio that unfortunately doesn’t always translate well to live performing. When she and Chilli sing together, though, it’s great. Chilli adds a power and strength to the vocals during her parts that brings the message of the song home.

I like how, despite the fact this person has been damaged in the past, they are aware of their weakness and are trying to work at it. I think the imagery helps to emphasize that. What do you all think? Do you like this song? Are you curious to see what their TLC girls do next? Comment and let’s chat about it!