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Unblocked - Episode One (Timber Towers, #1)Unblocked – Episode One by Marni Mann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Marni Mann has become one of my favorite writers for one good reason: I love characters. I love to get inside their heads and watch how they interact with others. I love entertaining exchanges between them.

Marni has all that and more in her stories. This one is the first of a Novella series and I already can’t wait to see how it all ends. I like Frankie– I think she’s a fun, strong character and I think Derek is interesting as well. I’m most intrigued by Derek’s grudge against another person in the business and why he wants revenge so badly.

If you’re looking for a book filled with strong characters, great descriptions, a little mystery, you’ll enjoy this one. Be warned: This one is for adults only.