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Hello, again! How’s everyone doing? I thought I would start the week off with another edition of Musical Faceoff! This time, I’m pitting Chvrches against Justin Timberlake to see who you think did “Cry Me a River” best. First we have Chvrches:

I thought it was interesting to see this one stripped down. I also thought it was cool that the lyrics were not changed at all to reflect a female vocalist. That said, let’s get reacquainted with the original:

Even though my opinion of Justin Timerlake has changed over the years (especially after how he handled the whole Superbowl thing), this is still one of my favorite songs and I really don’t see anyone capturing quite the same feel as Justin did working with Timbaland. There’s a certain haunting, moody quality in this version that works well, especially near the end.

So who do you think did it best? Comment and let’s talk about it. While you’re at it…. tell me about some of your favorite covers. See you next time.