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Well, I am a day behind but I’m here to share the first letter of the A-Z challenge with you all: The Americans.

This show about KGB agents living in America has quickly become one of my favorite shows on the air, thanks to some great acting and writing. If you haven’t seen the most recent episode, you might want to avoid reading any further. I’ll be talking about the latest episodes, titled “Stingers”.

Check out the trailer below and then follow the cut to read thoughts on the episode.

Okay, now on to my thoughts. 

What is making this season so good for me is the increased focus on the dynamics in the Jennings family, particularly with Paige and  her parents. Elizabeth wants Paige to join the fight as the Centre requested, while Phillip would rather protect Paige from it. At the same time, they’ve been dealing with Elizabeth’s discomfort with Paige’s increased faith and her decision to be saved.

Last night, a huge shift happened in the Jennings home. Paige finally told her parents she’s been suspecting there is something wrong at home for a long time and has discussed it with her Pastor. The Jennings realize there is little to do but tell the truth, which they do. Now Paige is aware her parents are working for the Soviet Union, which has caused even more tension at home.

The tension in the episode is palpable, as Elizabeth struggles to trust Paige and give her space while also being worried about the possibility of her telling someone who her parents really are. Phillip, meanwhile, seems to be a little more calm and accepting of this development.

It will be interesting to see how this whole thing turns out, as Paige is now struggling with a lot of internal drama: her country tells people that the Soviet Union is dangerous, while her parents, who have been lying to her for years now, say things aren’t what they seem. Also, now Paige has to deal with being next door to an FBI agent and trying to act normal. Will she crack under the pressure? Will she be able to keep her brother in the dark? I’m looking forward to finding out.

What about you? Are you enjoying this season? What part of it is most intriguing to you? Comment and let’s talk about it!