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Okay, I have to admit something here: I only saw a couple of episodes of this show during its original run. Over the past few years, I watched a DVD CP Bialois had and fell in love with the show.


For those of you who did not grow up in the ’80s and have no clue what I’m talking about (get off my lawn!), here’s the wikipedia page for your reference. 🙂 So why do I like this show? Let me count the ways….

  • Hunter and McCall were an awesome team. The chemistry was great and their characters complimented each other well.
  • McCall was an awesome badass female to look up to. She was resourceful and fun– what more could you want?
  • The Cars. How could you not get a laugh out of the horrible vehicles given to Hunter, given his tendency to crash them?

Add in the ’80s vibe, the great guest stars, action, and awesome dialogue and how can I not like this show? What about you? Did you enjoy this show back when it was first on? Do you have another favorite ’80s show in that genre? Comment and let’s chat about it.