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If there is one thing that was a rite of passage for girls of my generation, as well as other generations, it was reading a V.C. Andrews book. The twisted tale of the Dollanganger family was one of my favorite reads in middle school and I felt a little bad-ass reading something so messed-up and filled with things that someone my age should probably not have been reading. 🙂

Imagine the geek-out I had when I saw that the four books focusing on the Dollanganger family, Cathy and Chris in particular, were being made into movies. Overall, I think the movies have been pretty decent and have stayed mostly true to their source material.

If There Be Thorns is set years after the second movie, with Cathy’s son now almost an adult. The happy life she’s built with her brother and two children miles away from the home that once terrified her is threatened by a new neighbor.

Bart is the youngest of Cathy’s sons and soon strikes up a friendship with the new neighbor and her servant, John Amos. The realization that his parents are actually brother and sister shocks Bart and he begins acting out.

Overall, I thought the acting was pretty decent and it did a good job of telling the story while also setting up the final installment, to be aired on Sunday. So who else saw this movie? Did you enjoy it, or do you think it was inferior to the book? Comment and let’s chat about it!