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Y’all probably know by now that I adore Christopher Pike’s books. I have the majority of them and have read them all so many times, I should probably be able to recite parts by now.

The book I am featuring today as part of the A to Z Challenge is his novel about a girl who gets a part in the school play and ends up the subject of a murder investigation. Like most of his stories, the main character is part of one-parent home where she has to fend for herself a lot.

When deciding what I wanted to feature today, I came across this youtube review of the book that I thought I would share:

Overall, a pretty good one. 🙂 I really can’t say I agree with his comment about it being his least favorite of Pike’s books. I personally give that distinction to Weekend or Slumber Party.

I think Melanie was an interesting character and I liked how the mystery played out. It may not be the best of his books (I prefer the ones with Supernatural elements), but it’s a fun, fast read that I think I may need to revisit. Thanks, A to Z Challenge!

So what do you think? Are you a fan? What book was your favorite? What would you have picked for “L”? Comment and let’s chat about it! Until next time…