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You might know that I am a huge lover of spiritual and New Age ideas and practices. One of my favorite things to do is meditate. There are a lot of ways I do this. Sometimes, just doing my Reiki session for the day is a meditation (more on that later), sometimes I actually sit and do guided meditations, while other times my meditation is walking around the house as I sing along with my favorite songs.

One favorite thing when it’s meditation time is to take a walk at a local park while listening to this:

The meditation is from Om Harmonics and it’s an awesome experience to listen to this. The first time, I had such a reaction, I was flying high in a great mood for days. If you decide to listen and try it out, let me know how it works.

Meditation is a huge part of my life because it’s been shown to have so many great effects on people’s bodies and minds. It has been shown to have stress-reducing capabilities, while also being said to aid in supplementing medical treatment, and is said to help strengthen connection with Spirit and one’s one intuition. Because of all these things, I love making it a regular part of my routine.

What are some of your favorite meditation methods? I’d love to hear about them