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There seems to be a really strong music theme coming through during this challenge, because when I asked myself what I should use for today’s post, the song “One of Us” came to mind.

This song stirred a lot of controversy when it came out, but I’ve always loved it. I think it asks a lot of interesting questions and makes one think a lot about spirituality and Source, whatever form that takes for you.

I’m actually sad that there are not more songs now that match up to the quality of this one and others from the ’80s and ’90s, and that she didn’t have a bigger career. You can’t help but wonder what happened when you see groups and artists that didn’t get past that first hit or two. Did they suddenly lose the talent that brought them into the spotlight? Did we just get fickle?

Whatever the reasons, at least we have some awesome tunes to listen to and remember other times with. What do you think? Did you like this song when it came out? Would you have picked something else? Comment and let’s chat about it.