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Last year, I did the #AStoryAWeek challenge and barely made it. LOL! It was capped off with a New Year’s Eve marathon that saw quite a few pieces get finished, as well as some flash fiction. This one, based on the prompt Some songs bring back the worst kind of memories, seems appropriate for the day. 🙂 Enjoy!

Some songs bring back the worst kind of memories. Sarah only had to hear the first few notes and she was brought back to that day. It hurt so much, she stopped listening to the radio altogether. Wouldn’t it be her luck the song she hated most had to be one of the biggest hits ever?So, she loaded up her music player and took it with her everywhere she might listen to music: in the car, while cleaning the house, or working on an assignment.

That day, she was running late, so she didn’t notice she’d forgotten to pack her music player before she left. Her hand hovered above the radio dial as she decided whether or not to turn it on. Finally, the prospect of a long, silent forced her to turn the dial.

What are the chances, anyway? She thought.

Several songs went by and Sarah began singing along, enjoying the ride. The song stopped and an announcer yammered on about things Sarah didn’t care to pay attention to.

Just as she was about to change the station, the announcer shut up and the music started again. The notes caused her hands to shake and Sarah had to pull off the road. She put the car in park and reached for the dial, stopping the horrible sound before she had to hear another note.

Images of another time and place assaulted her, bringing with them a sense of loss that made her throat constrict and phantom pains to hit hard. That damn song.

She’d been listening to it the day she died.