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I was in a nostalgic kind of mood the other day and started listening to my copy of “The Party’s Over (Thanks For Coming)” by one of my favorite groups in the ’90s: The Party. For those who don’t know, they were a pop group made up of five members of the All New Mickey Mouse Club, the same show that brought us NSync, Britney, Christina, and many others in the music and acting world.

The Party’s Over came out around 1993 and I think it’s the best of all their recordings. The music was mature, diverse, and their vocals were on. Highlights include: “Forgive Me Girl”, “I Wish You Peace”, “Going Down”, and “Let’s Hold On to What We’ve Got”. In the years since the groups disbanded, they have all been doing their own thing, including solo releases, Broadway appearances, and more.

Recently, the group (minus Tiffany, who is the only member who has been completely under the radar since their breakup) got back together and put out a couple of singles, with an album release in the works. Here’s one of their new songs, “Salute to Summer”.

And for nostalgia purposes, here is a track from their first album:

Were you a fan? Are you excited that they’re back? If so, comment and let’s chat about it.