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I got the info for this one in my inbox and love the melody of it. 🙂 It’s cute and fun, something that is awesome for a summer playlist. Here is what Amber apparently had to say about it….

“I had the hook ‘running out of memories’ in my head for awhile, and on the way to a recent songwriters’ retreat I told the guys I’d like to write it while we were on the trip. We had a melody for it before we even got to the cabin, and it all came together pretty quickly. Memories – good and bad – we all have them; but hopefully this song will help the listener reflect on those great ones!”

Thanks, Aristo PR for bringing this one to my attention. 🙂 I love learning about new music! To everyone reading… what do you all think? Did you love it? Have any other favorite songs for the season? Comment and let’s chat about it.