Congrats on getting your book out there, Elizabeth!

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Good morning everyone! Today I’d like to welcome you to the cover release for my friend, Elizabeth Rhodes’ first release coming June 1, 2015. Enjoy! 🙂

The North American continent is reduced to a ruined dust bowl. At its heart is a rebuilt city, ruled by an iron-fisted mayor desperately trying to avoid its collapse.

Edward Jasper has made a life for himself and his adopted children on the streets of a city he once founded. With everything he had stolen by the brother who overthrew him six years ago, Edward promises revenge.

Dexter McMahon is a City Guardsman with a terminally ill daughter. He finds himself in the new Mayor’s favor with a sudden promotion. His task is simple: Find and eliminate Edward Jasper. But the more he searches for the man, the more he uncovers the twisted relationship between the two brothers.

The iron doors unbolted and screeched…

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