Redmon and Vale proved with their debut CD they were an act to take seriously. Both Allison Redmon and Tina Vale grew up singing and formed the duo a couple of years before the release of this CD through Dreamworks in 1999. They first met through a mutual friend and were part of a trio together. When that did not work out, they became a duo and landed a deal with Dreamworks.

The CD is pop/country fun and their first single, “If I Had a Nickle,” got quite a lot of air play on Country Music stations. This is an entertaining song about moving on with a catchy chorus: “If I had a nickle for every time I wished you love was still mine, I’d have a dime.” With its interesting lyrics and powerful delivery, one of the best tracks is a cover tune called “Last Exit to Eden.” Originally recorded by Amanda Marshall, it is taken to new levels by the duo. Their version is much more emotional.

Another good track is “Squeezin’ the Love Outta You.” It’s an uptempo, vocally powerful song about being fed up with a relationship. Over all, this is a fun CD that deserved to be a crossover success.