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As a huge fan of the movie and Carrie Underwood, I couldn’t wait to see it when it originally aired. Especially since it was not going to be a remake of the movie, just a new production of the original musical the movie was based on. Here are several things I really like about the new one after recently rewatching on DVD.

5) New Music. Since I knew nothing about the Broadway show, I was happy to hear some additional material that wasn’t in the original movie.

4) It kept me on my toes. It was a bit of an adjustment to watch this after spending my childhood obsessively watching the movie. When Maria and the Reverend Mother sing “My Favorite Things” together at the beginning, I was taken aback. I was also surprised to see Maria singing “The Loneliest Goatherd” to the kids after they’re afraid of the rain.

3) The choreography. I think the entire cast did an excellent job making their way around the set, with lots of intricate dancing and other movement mixed in. It left me in awe of the talent it must take to not only get the lines right, but sing and perform all kinds of complicated choreography at the same time. Live. No opportunity to do another take if you mess up. For the record? I didn’t see anything that screamed “mistake”.

2) It brought live performance back to television. It wasn’t too uncommon to see musicals and other stuff performed live on TV. In fact, live TV was the norm in previous decades. That’s why this was so cool. I liked seeing the format used to such great success today, since it opened the door for more of the same.

1) Carrie. I know she got a lot of flack, but I personally felt she grew as an actress as the production rolled on and, even at her worst moments, she was hardly any different from anyone else in the production. I also loved how she totally changed her singing style and nailed every note. Singing pop-country and Broadway are two entirely different things, and Carrie proved that she could own either one.

So what did you think? Did you like the new production? Are you partial to the original? I’d love to hear about it.