A little sneak peak for a future blog topic. 🙂 I’ve been revisiting season 1, so stay tuned…. who else loved this show? I’d love to hear about it.

'90s Flashback

This baby polar bear says, "Charlie and Kirsten fans, rejoice!" This baby polar bear says, “Charlie and Kirsten fans, rejoice!”

Summary: Post-elevator hookup, Griffin has gone to Julia’s dorm room for more hooking up. She wants him to skip work for even more of the same, but he can’t. He also can’t hang out with her that night because he has plans with some co-workers. Julia’s like, “This reunion with a person I had a bad relationship with isn’t going as perfectly as I expected it to.” Griffin doesn’t seem to think this is a good idea.

At the restaurant, Lauren would like to address the sexual tension she felt between her and Bailey. She thinks he’s been avoiding her since the blackout. He denies that he is, and that there’s any reason to avoid her in the first place. Charlie needs a sitter so he can go on a date with his vice principal, a concept that…

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